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9104-1:2022 / 9101:2022 Delta Requirements Training and Examination Bundle

This online training and examination bundle is required for all Authenticated Auditors (AAs) and Authenticated Experienced Auditors (AEAs) in the IAQG ICOP scheme, and covers the changes in 9104-1:2022 and 9101:2022 from an auditor point of view.

This bundle includes online training (estimated duration: three to four hours, self-paced) and an online one-hour final examination proctored remotely using your webcam and microphone.  Completion of the examination is subject to your acceptance of the Remote Proctor Usage Agreement.

This bundle also includes an additional OCAP and PBS/RP Application training module that will be released at a later time and provided to all purchasers at no additional cost.  More details about this additional training will be provided in due course.

To purchase this training, you must log into your existing IAQG Training accountYou must have completed one of the following requirements:
  • successful completion of the 9100:2016 Delta Training program, OR
  • successful completion of the IAQG 9100:2016 AATT Training and Final Examination (since its release in October 2017).
Otherwise, you must first successfully complete the 9100:2016 AATT (including passing any retakes) prior to purchasing this training bundle.

In addition, the language on your AATT account must match one of the languages currently available for this program.  Additional languages will be added as soon as translations of both the standard and this training/examination are complete.

Languages available now: English
Languages planned to be available later:  Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish.

We encourage you to wait until your preferred language is available before attempting the training to ensure you properly understand the requirements and can pass the final examination.  If you request to change your language to English, but your preferred language will be available later, you will NOT be eligible for any accommodations for additional examination time.

If you do not meet the above criteria (training prerequisites and assigned language), the website will indicate that "you are not eligible to purchase this item at this time."

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