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9104-1:2022 / 9101:2022 Delta Final Examination Retake

This is a one-hour, 30-question online examination that covers all the changes in 9104-1:2022 and 9101:2022 from an auditor's point of view.  The structure of this retake examination is the same as the initial attempt.  You may only purchase this retake if you already attempted either the initial Final Examination or this Retake Examination and failed to achieve a passing score.

This retake examination is proctored remotely using your webcam and microphone.  Completion of the examination is subject to your acceptance of the Remote Proctor Usage Agreement.

NOTE: You may take the exam at any time that is convenient for you; it does not need to be scheduled.  However, you will have a limited number of entry attempts to the exam and once started the exam must be completed promptly.  You may not take long/extended breaks or purposefully leave the exam once you start the timed section.  If you leave the exam too many times, you will need to contact the IAQG Support Team to request re-entry.  Excessive access attempts to the examination module may result in additional review and could disqualify your examination attempt.
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