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9100:2016 AATT Instructor-Led Component (Plexus-Provided Singapore)

Important Note:
You are only eligible to purchase this product if you wish to attend Plexus-provided training in Singapore, and if you have already separately purchased the AATT Online Component. When selecting dates from the scheduling system to the right, please verify that the training is offered by Plexus International in Singapore. If you wish to attend training from a different Training Provider or in a non-listed country, please contact the Training Provider directly to arrange payment of classroom fees. For Plexus-led training in the U.S., U.K., Canada, or India, please see the Plexus U.S./U.K./Canada/India Instructor-Led Component. If you mistakenly purchase this product for an ineligible class, we will refund your purchase of this product. The price charged by other training providers and in other locations may differ.

Upcoming AATT Program Updates:
This version of the AATT training program is the current version available.  This product had previously been retired by IAQG ICOT, but has since been reinstated for the foreseeable future pending further revisions to the 9104-1/9101 transition timeline.

The IAQG-sanctioned 9100:2016 AATT has been mandated by the IAQG to satisfy the Foundation Course training requirement for 9100:2016 AQMS auditor authentication. 

The 9100 Online Component includes the ISO 9001:2015 Pre-Assessment, Foundations: Understanding 9100 Online Training, 9100:2016 Forms and Audit Reporting Training, and Trial Assessment Scenario 1 and 2. The four-day instructor-led portion of the AATT training focuses on the applying the 9100:2016 requirements in audit situations using 9101:2016 forms and in consideration of 9101:2016 requirements. The fourth day of the instructor-led course is reserved for final examination. Refer to the “Program Overview” section below for more information.

NOTE: This item only includes the 9100 Instructor-Led Component. Select this option if you already purchased the 9100 Online Component and now want to schedule for a Plexus AATT training session. If you have not purchased the 9100 Online Component, please enroll in the 9100:2016 Online and Instructor-Led Bundle (Plexus-Provided).


  • Online:  10-15+ hours
  • Instructor-led: 4 days

Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German (other IAQG-approved languages to be released separately)


Training and Entry Knowledge

  • Successful completion of QMS Lead Auditor training.
  • Working knowledge of 9100:2016 requirements.
  • Basic knowledge of ISO/IEC 17021-1, 9101:2016 requirements, and 9101 Forms.

Standard Documents

  • It is recommended that you purchase the official (published) version of 9100:2016, 9101:2016, and ISO/IEC 17021-1 standards from your local standards publication body.
  • Download current version of 9101 forms -

Online Training (9100 Online Component)

  • Complete all required online modules prior to attending instructor-led training (see “Program Overview” for details on required online coursework).
  • NOTE: This is a self-paced online program. You can complete the included training modules at your leisure. You will have access to the online training modules for 1 year from the initial purchase date, and can access the training modules at any time. Timed assessment modules must be completed in a single session.
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