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9100:2016 Knowledge Retake

Upcoming AATT Program Updates:
This AATT retake only applies to AATT training completed prior to April 30, 2023. If you are eligible to complete this retake, you must pass it by April 30, 2024. After passing the related program, you will need to purchase and complete the 9104-1:2022 / 9101:2022 Delta Training program within one year of the launch date in the respective language.

The 9100:2016 Knowledge Retake is 1 hour and 30 minutes in length and contains 60 multiple-choice questions, broken into two sections (9100 and 9101) with 30 questions each. The structure of the retake is the same as the examination completed on the fourth day of the 9100 instructor-led training.

You must achieve a minimum score of 80% on the knowledge examination to pass. Failure to achieve this score will require a full knowledge retake on the online platform. All final examination retakes must be completed in a proctored environment.

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