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9100:2016 Application Retake

The 9100 Application Retake is 6 hours in length and consists of two parts:

  • 9100 Envelope Activities Retake (4 hours) - The IAQG AATT 9100:2016 Envelope Activities Retake provides another opportunity to complete the Case Study activities you first attempted in the AATT training class. This retake only includes the written activities without a face-to-face interview. This four-hour Envelope Activities Retake is completed online and includes two main sections:
    • Top Management Review Activities (1 hour 45 minutes)
    • Assigned Process Activities (2 hours 15 minutes)
  • 9100 Application Exam (2 hours) - This section follows the same structure of the online application examination completed on the fourth day of the training. 

This retake must be completed in a proctored environment. If the score is lower than 80%, another retake can be done, up to a maximum of two times. Two failures on the application retake will require you to apply for the entire four-day training again.

Proctoring Note:
The 9100 Application Retake requires travel to a physical proctored location arranged by an IAQG-approved Training Provider. This retake examination cannot be completed using Remote Proctor.

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