System Requirements & Support Bulletins

AATT System Requirements

In order to successfully use the AATT, your computer must meet the following minimum requirements:

Supported Web Browsers:

In principle, we will support versions of the above-listed browsers so long as they are supported by the company or organization that releases them.

Monitor Resolution: 1024 x 768 or larger (800 x 600 or any other smaller resolution not supported)

Adobe Reader: Version 6.0 or newer required to view/print Invoices and Certificates

Required Security Setting: In order to complete the registration, your browser MUST accept "Cookies".

NOTE: Some firewall software has been known to interfere with connectivity to the AATT Website. If you experience trouble connecting, but can still connect to other Internet sites, please try disabling the firewall software, or adding the domain to the firewall's exception list.

Technical Support Bulletins

  • Internet Explorer Users: We have found that certain add-ons and aggressive security programs can interfere with your ability to connect reliably to the AATT Website. Please try adding the website to your Trusted Sites list or temporarily disabling these security programs for better performance.

  • We strongly recommend that you use the same laptop for your Initial Exams as you will be using for your Final Exams, as this will help diagnose any computer-specific issues before you arrive at the Proctored Exam Session. If you are not sure that the computer has worked on the Platform before, it will much more difficult to solve any technical difficulties that may occur during the Final Exams.

  • Please always use the Log Issue button if possible to submit a report of any Technical Problem. This will provide us with useful information that will improve our ability to diagnose your problem quickly and effectively.

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