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9110:2016 Forms and Audit Reporting Assessment Retake

This offer is for those who need to retake the 9110:2016 Forms and Audit Reporting Assessment (Final Examination). The 9110:2016 Forms and Audit Reporting Assessment Retake follows the same structure as the previous assessment you completed. 

You will be asked to review different short audit scenarios that relate to key deltas of 9110:2016.  Based on the information presented in each scenario, you will be asked to answer questions and complete exercises that relate to application of 9101:2016 and the completion of the 9101 Forms. You are required to achieve a Total Assessment Score of 73% to pass this assessment.

Length: 1 hours and 15 minutes

Retake Examination Timing Requirements
Please note that the IAQG requires a waiting period between retake attempts for all individuals who are required to take a retake examination. You may purchase your retake immediately upon receiving notification of your results; however, you will be unable to complete your retake examination until the mandatory wait period ends.

Note: Effective 18 May 2017, IAQG has rescinded the limit on retake attempts, and changed the mandatory wait period to 24 hours after each attempt.
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