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9100 Application Retake

Exam Details

9100:2009 Application Retake

This examination is for those who need to retake the Application section of the 9100:2009 AATT Final Examination. This 1-day (6 hour) application retake evaluation will include: 
  • Online Application Multiple-Choice Examination (2 Hours) - following the same structure of the final application exam on the 4th day of the training. 
  • Online Application Case Study Written Assessment (4 Hours) - broken into two (2) sessions of two (2) hours each, with new case study material and evaluation. This assessment supplements the Interview assessment conducted on the final day of the AATT training.
The approval criterion is 80% minimum. The final score is a combination of the two (2) examination components. If the score is lower than 80%, a full retake will be required. Two failures on the Application retake will require a re-attempt of the full 9100:2009 AATT. 

DISCLAIMER: At this time, this program is still based on the 9100:2009 and 9101:2014 standards. Upon successful completion, auditors will need to complete the 2016 Online Update Components. Additional information about updates to the AATT will be made available in the near future. 
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